Quit playing with your food

Now Ling ling what has your mother and father always told you? Other than you should have been a boy, and a doctor they probably told you not to play with your food...most likely because they don't have food because you're not a doctor.

  • crazyvet April 24, 2016

    She is playing with the wrong end I think.

  • mrdrip April 24, 2016

    For the sake of this site I believe it's best not to post anything with kids or underage looking people, it opens a gate that it is unnecessary to open.

  • marcodufour April 24, 2016

    Could have been worse, it could have been her sister Lick-Lick.

  • mykejp April 24, 2016

    She's not eating it raw like sushi.

  • bananahammock April 24, 2016

    the cutest thing she will eat all day

  • dracos April 24, 2016

    im asia they call that "pet food"

  • fucka April 24, 2016

    thaaaaaaat's wacist :/

  • shadow83222 April 24, 2016

    The Chinese waste nothing when it has to do with food. Gotta eat a lot of dog shit to finally get to the main course.

  • nybadguy April 24, 2016

    She will be eating it's shit in no time.

  • sbohica April 24, 2016

    @mrdrip, I'm confused.. A "kid" crashed his ass into a fence on a motorcycle. Is there a difference?

  • truckingman April 24, 2016

    Sbohica I believe he was talking about young children tweens and under.

  • harly9 April 24, 2016

    I was under the impression that the Koreans ate dog. That's why the adoption agency told me not to include a pic of my Lab in family photos.

  • maddog123 April 25, 2016

    Never order hot dogs in Korea or that is what you will get.

  • ozzi April 25, 2016

    Running short of material huh? meh, it happens.

  • junkhunter April 25, 2016

    Come to me yum yum doggie.

  • rockinron April 26, 2016

    omg they eat dogs sushi style too?

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