Train Wreck

This truck driver must be blind and stupid. Got way too close to a railroad crossing and caused a train to derail. People who are train wrecks shouldn't be driving.

  • xizang April 25, 2016

    Dumbass truck drivers get used to having the right of way wherever they go because their vehicles are usually the largest. I hope the moron driving this one died.

  • sirfartsalot April 25, 2016

    Same thing happens at my house when the mother in law comes to visit.

  • belchesfelches April 25, 2016

    Is that a mail truck? DAMMIT! THAT'S why my classic VHS porn collection never arrived.

  • mrpoop April 25, 2016


  • zahnfee April 25, 2016

    The first train only straightens the truck so the truckdriver have a better view for the second incomming train :D

  • whobe April 25, 2016

    At least he wont have to worry about loosing his job.

  • ibetdaddy April 25, 2016

    fuck you and then fist you

  • fatlarry April 25, 2016

    da.... which way did he go

  • nybadguy April 25, 2016

    That one train was hauling ass.

  • truckingman April 25, 2016

    There is too many question about what went wrong that I can not fully answer, I can not comment on this MF" FUCKED ACCIDENT......

    Shaking his head, Robert Hallock

  • wisebastard April 25, 2016

    the problems is the fucking stop sign is facing the wrong way

  • corruptedsob April 25, 2016

    Train Wreck ?? I thought you were talking about my life

  • dracos April 25, 2016

    @truckingman clearly hydroplaned because he didn't give himself enough braking distance apart from that, his brakes might have been defective (unbalanced)

  • maddog123 April 26, 2016

    . This ain't shit I do this every night with my train set.

  • rockinron April 26, 2016

    thats looks like my first marriage

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