Shot In The Balls

This guy was running from the cops and ended up getting shit in the balls. Looks like they're still in tact just out of the sack so its a shame he's not out of the gene pool yet.

  • cellule May 12, 2016

    Shot with an airsoft pellet?

  • mrdrip May 12, 2016

    Had he been shot with rock salt bullets and this would have been an awesome salted nuts joke

  • fistermister May 12, 2016

    It burns when I touch 'em Doc.

  • sbohica May 12, 2016

    There's a better place to hide easter eggs.

  • hickory May 12, 2016

    MBM , Mexican balls matter

  • fuzzybuzz May 12, 2016

    shit in the balls... there's an anti-bacterial ointment for that

  • xizang May 12, 2016

    He needs to just get the whole works cut off. What a nasty, black, ugly set of gonads!

  • nybadguy May 12, 2016

    Them fuckers look skinned

  • whobe May 12, 2016

    God must really hat this guy putting a black dick on him.

  • truckingman May 12, 2016

    He is one lucky BASTARD. The officer aim could have been a little MF" HIGHER...

  • felterupgood May 12, 2016

    He wasn't shot... he had just left his wife's divorce attorney's office.

  • realism May 12, 2016

    Dont kick girls.

  • dracos May 13, 2016

    this is a all ballz out kinda guy

  • maddog123 May 13, 2016

    I have been stoned for fifty years now!! Some days more fucked up than the other that' over 250,000 highs and exactly one fucking million dollars I've spent !!! Not counting cigarettes cigars not a lot of them getting other people high throwing party's etc etc. Hell that might be another million????? And in all that mayhem raising hell I've never knock on wood got my balls dick or any other part of my body disfigured!!! Like all the dumbassesery mother fuckers do in this world!! What's fucked up blows my mind what's left of it??? There not high!!! There just fucking stupid!!!!!

  • darkmadness May 13, 2016

    Why the fuck is there charcoal between his legs.

  • ugggggggg May 13, 2016

    Lmao! his "Peni"is black hahahahhahahah!!!! DYE it white u putrid bastard.

  • therath May 14, 2016

    This is NUTS!

  • mr.voorhees March 23, 2017

    Cut dat ugly things off.

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