Car Hauling Trailer Loses Control

Doesn't take muck to lose control driving a car when you're hauling another one in a trailer. If you're an idiot that is. Should be an easy task but this guy managed to fish tail and rollover in this crash anyway.

  •   darkmadness May 14, 2016

    1 Dumbass 2 of his own cars ruined at the same time. Good job!

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  • mrdrip May 14, 2016

    Son: Dad, I crashed the cars // Dad: what do you mean the cars? // Son: I can explain // Dad: Honey, our son is dead!

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  •   fistermister May 14, 2016

    I sat here and watched the picture-flic for 10 minutes until I realized Einstein's theory of insanity!

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  •   dozer67 May 14, 2016

    Info: It was an Audi A3 wagon pulling another Audi A4 sedan too much weight for that A3, also was driving way to fast, both cars were tricked out, total loss.I think it happened in Germany years ago,after a car show..

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  • ih8boston May 14, 2016

    Speed wobbles kill!

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  •   corruptedsob May 14, 2016

    He ruined his spare too

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  •   truckingman May 14, 2016

    The driver was going to MF" fast for the weight of the car on the trailer. They should at least by going a little above the minimal speed limit while hauling any small vehicle on a trailer with their car...

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  •   mrpoop May 14, 2016

    Someone is going to get clubbed for this

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  •   maddog123 May 14, 2016

    The road was dry damn just let off the gas add a little break um Kay????

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  • dracos May 15, 2016

    everything went well without a hitch till the hitch went wrong

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  • sharkkiller1 May 15, 2016

    just ask truckingman when you get trailer sway all you got to do is let off the gas and it stops of course you don't get trailer sway if you load the MOTHER FUCKING TRAILER THE RIGHT WAY AND USE A PROPER TOW VEHICAL STUPID FUCKING PEOPLE I HOPE THAT AND WHO EVER HE HAD IN THE CAR WITH HIM WAS HURT BAD

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  • realism May 15, 2016

    Do you now understand the importance of tongue weight? Do you now understand the importance of tow vehicle weight distribution? Do you now understand the importance of ample power to accelerate out of this and then adequate trailer brakes? Fuckhead.

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  •   big_daddy305 May 15, 2016

    Somewhere, David Hasselhoff is watching this and screaming "Kit! Are you ok?"

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  • felterupgood May 16, 2016

    Half my loads of paper wood would do this if I got over 30 mph.

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