Menced Deer

Do you like deer but hate all the chewing? Well do we have a treat for you. Grab your crackers and scoop a nice helping of deer pâté.

  • wisebastard May 21, 2016

    somehow it reminded me of vegan gains

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  • dracos May 21, 2016

    thart's doe

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  •   vulture May 21, 2016

    auto mince meat

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  •   nybadguy May 21, 2016

    did that with a box truck once.

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  •   fistermister May 21, 2016

    Looks like he's been in the sagebrush again. Let this be a lesson to all you doe motherfuckers, eat your clovers.

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  • felterupgood May 21, 2016

    Driving to rigs in North Dakota at night ...this happened a few times to me.... When it did, I said "Bambi had a bad night."

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  • mrdrip May 21, 2016

    oh deer!

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  •   whobe May 21, 2016

    A friend of mine use to rent Hertz Penske Trucks and offered the guy insurance for the box van, he turned it down saying I'm only renting it for two days. Well turns out he hit a cow in the road doing 60mph. I never found out the end of the story but I don't think it turned out well.

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  •   truckingman May 21, 2016

    It looks like the bush, brush, guard can make MF" MENACE MEAT OUT OF ABOUT ANY-MF"-THING!!! Big Jeff I would have to decline on the deer pâtè. I do not want to eat MF" FECAL coated deer meat......

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  •   mrpoop May 21, 2016

    We're having deer buggers tonight

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  • darksider803 May 21, 2016

    GEEEESE just how fast was that cop going? .......

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  •   mrpoop May 22, 2016

    *burgers ....fucking auto correct

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