Almost made it

You almost got it man. Another four feet further and you would have been the star of the hotel.

  • picklehiesner May 22, 2016

    In Maxwell Smart voice ... "missed it by that much" In Frankie Vallie voice ... "So close, so close and yet so far" In Steve Miller voice ... "Fly like an eagle" In your moms voice ... "Good try honey"

  • sirfartsalot May 22, 2016

    Corduroy chafing will drive you to kill yourself. Which is why I don't wear pants!

  • truckingman May 22, 2016

    Was he really aiming for the pool?

  • aquahollic May 22, 2016

    a 9 for flair a 3 for the landing

  • corruptedsob May 22, 2016

    The water must be too cold because his head shrunk

  • fistermister May 22, 2016

    FUCK! Too bad it wasn't the other way around.

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