Remington Bacon Buck Shots

The perfect ammo for your Islamophobic needs. Got Muslim neighbors? Do they yell allahu ackbar in the middle of the day. Remington ISIS Load buck shots come with bacon bits to make sure they don't come back as the undead and keeps them from getting their 72-virgins.

  • fockenperv May 26, 2016

    I tried one on my salad... bad idea... I mean eating a salad

  • xizang May 26, 2016

    And we feed all our dead muslims to the hogs. Muslims make great hog chow, and there's nothing like quickly turning muslims into pork and pigshit, to make a lasting impression on their allah. That should seal every muslim's eternal fate!

  • teachercutter May 26, 2016

    @xizang works for me

  • breakfastblunt May 26, 2016

    Bacon bits or Baco-Bits?

  • whobe May 26, 2016

    That should do it!

  • mrpoop May 26, 2016

    Lets hope it's not artificial bacon bits or that bullshit vegan bacon

  • prodeath May 26, 2016

    May I suggest some pigs blood?

  • truckingman May 26, 2016

    If someone has the know how the reload their own shell, they can MF" MAKE THOUSANDS OF THIS MF" ROUNDS!!!!!! I do not know if they should sell any of this new round because of the ATF REGULATIONS...

  • honkie365 May 26, 2016

    You're lucky if that is #2 bird shot. Not 00 buck for sure.

  • sicotrere May 26, 2016

    Honkie365 looks like #4 turkey load

  • maddog123 May 26, 2016

    @breakfastblunt does it matter ass clown half breed!!!

  • mykejp May 26, 2016

    It the Islamophobin fails to work.....

  • cyberbu11y May 26, 2016

    ^^^^^yep.. And you can even load it into a shotgun that was stolen from walmart and blow ur brains out in a mall parking lot like a proud American should

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