Opening their minds a little

These guys didn't look very open minded to Alan's fucked up views. Well at least at the start they weren't. Now they can't be any more open minded.

  • dracos May 29, 2016

    the guy on the left seemed steaming mad

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  • cthulu May 29, 2016

    Can we plse just nuke these fucks from the earth

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  • belchesfelches May 29, 2016


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  • whobe May 29, 2016

    Let me get this straight Hillary and Obama think Trump is crazy for wanting to keep these piles of shit out of the U.S. How about letting the American people decide for them.

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  • spinal12 May 29, 2016

    A bunch of mad Michal Myers and Jasons

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  • truckingman May 29, 2016

    Well at least their death was faster than the MF" ISIS DECAPITATION...... IT IS STILL MF" FUCKED UP!!! If I was facing a MF" ISIS DEAD SQUAD, I would choose a MF" FIRING SQUAD OVER A MF" ISIS DECAPITATION......

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  • maddog123 May 29, 2016

    That Muslim Obama and that lezbian bitch piece of shit Hillary AND the news has gave trump fucking hell over his not wanting to bring any more of those poor breaking my fucking heart Muslim cock suckers in to this already

    Getting over crowded country that's having enough troubles feeding its own lazy fucking people!!! Goddam blacks and fucking minorities are breeding like goddam rabbits!!! And yes fucking CRACK HEADED METH SMOKING WHITE WHORES TO!!! anyway, then the news turns around reports that those Isis fucks are coming in with the boat people in Italy !!! And the same here.!! We have our hands full as it is with american Isis wanna be !! And that goddam Obama and that fuck Hillary wants the real thing here??? Isis has already claimed they have there people here now but there bringing in as many as they can before we do finally stop the flood of Muslim fucks coming in..when the shit does start hitting the fan and its going to I hope Washington gets its

    Fucking share of Muslim love!!!

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  • dog66 May 30, 2016

    obama squad

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  • xizang May 30, 2016

    Do any of you geniuses need to know anything else about MUSLIMS? Or are you still stuck in la-la land, thinking that they're all a bunch of honest, decent, loving and tolerant people?

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  • darkmadness May 30, 2016

    Americans use Fetus stem cells in pepsi and skin care products, This cannot even compare with the horror of using dead fetuses for products funded by Hillary Clinton with 2 million USD. Look it up before i get hate comments.

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  • harly9 May 30, 2016

    @darkmadness WTF are you smoking? Please send me some. I'd like to completely escape from reality for a while!

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  • yeayeayea May 30, 2016

    Repost, u have already posted this as video.

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  • cazaly June 1, 2016

    Who's making the orange teletubby jump suits for these fuckers? Must have a good contract.

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