Romantic Sex

Girls love to Netflix & Chill, especially when you're romantic like this guy. Just put your feet up on her face and show her how much you really care.

  •   vulture June 8, 2016

    i'm sure she was paid well for her pleasure

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  •   nybadguy June 8, 2016

    eww. That bitch is to damn skinny.

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  •   whobe June 8, 2016

    Got to be careful some of these bitches will get loose and eat you.

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  •   mrpoop June 8, 2016

    How rude

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  • yeknom June 8, 2016

    This seems like a good way to slip and snap off your dick

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  • yeayeayea June 8, 2016

    nothin wrong happenin there.

    +3 -1
  • unseeneye June 8, 2016

    i guess she likes feet.

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  • mrdrip June 8, 2016

    doesn't matter if your feet smell like roquefort, as long as it is not her pussy smelling like cheese it's all good

    +1 -1
  •   truckingman June 8, 2016

    Is it a Kamasutra position???

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  • cazaly June 8, 2016

    Looks like someone has been going to the Bill Cosby school of Netflix and pill.

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  • dracos June 8, 2016

    that's called a reverse black widow

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  • realism June 8, 2016

    My wife enjoys it that way, dude needs to move forward more though

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  • felterupgood June 8, 2016


    If you think that's wild you should google ants on pussy

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  •   ouch June 8, 2016

    I think that sex move is called "The Foot Pump"!

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  •   vaticanvomit June 8, 2016

    Someone (not fat, and you can't have a tiny pecker) do this to me. DISCLAIMER: if you are ugly, please do not look at me.

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  • istealcars June 9, 2016

    Most of the time when there's a dude in porn, I just end up feeling gross and depressed for the girl involved.

    The vast majority of the guys in these videos look like dudes who have feet that stink like cheese and garbage, and unwashed ass cracks filled with clumps of dingleberries that they push the poor girls' faces towards.

    It's part of the reason that I only really find lesbian porn attractive, for the most part. No idea where they find these guys. I'm all for aggressive sex if it's mutually being desired and enjoyed, but wash your fucking asses and feet porn dudes.

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  • wisebastard June 9, 2016

    Romeo and Shu La Less

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  •   ouch June 9, 2016

    @vaticanvomit Deal

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  •   ugggggggg June 9, 2016

    vaticanvomit *Holds hand up* BUT can i urinate all over your face just b4 it happens?I promise i will aim it right up your nortrils,AND my balls will also slap you as i thrust?Thank you in advance!!!

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  •   ugggggggg June 9, 2016

    But i have to say when i do "see the video",.,,.i ALWAYS tie it's paws together BEHIND it's back,,.,AND i lick the miff before starting my mission.Then i shove a 18"Dildo in it's mouth(to "moisten"it)After its wet i slide it up her anus,,.,.in,,.out,.,.,in,.,.,.out,.,.deeper harder each time.,,.,.and i insert my penice in her mouth,(unwashed),, she sucks i grab her breasts,..,,.feeling each one,,carressing each nipple,,..,as she starts to "react"i stop.The main thing is my penice is almost sperming,..,,.i do more bits then sperm!I may film it and put it on here :)

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  • el_chingon June 10, 2016

    And these are the bitches Hillary wants to save ! LOL

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