He Must Work Out

He must work out. Thats probably about 450 pounds of woman he's carrying on his shoulder. I'll give him props for being able to keep an erection while hitting that if anything.

  • marcodufour June 15, 2016

    In Medieval days they used her g-string to fire rocks at castles.

  • yeayeayea June 15, 2016

    This has to qualify as a crime against humanity.

  • cthulu June 15, 2016

    Im sure he's right in ground zero of the stench of baloney, sweat and fish

  • belchesfelches June 15, 2016

    "Call McCrackin Chiropractic today..."

  • makeyarise June 15, 2016

    Hey yo fat girl, c'mere-are ya ticklish? Yeah, I called ya fat. Look at me, I'm skinny. It never stopped me from getting busy. I'm a freak, I like the girls with the boom. My name is humpty, pronounced with an umpty!!

  • whobe June 15, 2016

    He's got the whole world on his back.

  • twofords June 15, 2016

    Hes making up for all the missed leg days.

  • mrpoop June 15, 2016

    Damn, just looking at that shit makes my back hurt

  • picklehiesner June 15, 2016

    2015 Chicken fight champions

  • wifebeater2000 June 15, 2016


  • fluffy_hamster June 15, 2016

    Those greenpeace hippies do anything to bring back the whales to the sea.

  • darkmadness June 15, 2016

    Wonder how many animals died so that whale could wear a thong.

  • mrdrip June 15, 2016

    What a fucking white piece of shit meatball, how can someone eat so much to the point of desfiguring your body and fuck up your health and think it's acceptable? No fucking self respect there, keep eating bitch, soon you won't be able to have kids, a favour to humanity.

  • celtickhan June 15, 2016

    so this is what nickleback fans look like? Whooda Thunk!

  • nybadguy June 15, 2016

    He got 99 problems but a back problem ain't one.

  • truckingman June 15, 2016

    Whobe are you are calling him Atlas?

  • ouch June 15, 2016

    @nybadguy lol

  • longhungwong June 15, 2016

    hahaha good one @truckingman

  • txdo_msk June 15, 2016

    He needs to find a skinny girl. I'm 47, and my back is ALL KINDS of fucked up from my youth.

  • happyjack June 15, 2016

    She's not 450 but she's an easy 2 bills

  • sbohica June 15, 2016

    Well, I'll be damned!!! Ouch, Shani and the bugeyed Quack, out for a pint! U fags know how to party... Lol crackers, Pow pOw poW!

  • zealant June 16, 2016

    Fucker must have thought he was too tall.

  • sharkkiller1 June 16, 2016

    i though people were supposed to ride horses not the other way around

  • maddog123 June 16, 2016

    Thongs on a fat woman hell no!!! Those things look good on a woman till they

    Pill them off... fucking disgusting unless unless your drunk!! Then you stick your head down there and peal them off the biggest woman there is smell and all!!!

  • shupbitazfag June 16, 2016

    my spine would've snapped. "gtfo me fat fuck" - guy

  • mykejp June 16, 2016

    Must be nice to date someone from Krypton.

  • darkmadness June 16, 2016

    @Sbohica What the fuck is your race then? You insult every other race but when i made a joke you acted like a little bitch for 3 weeks.

  • fatlarry June 16, 2016

    He really wants to get laid "do you think I'm too fat to sit on your shoulders babe" naw honey climb on

  • felterupgood June 16, 2016

    Just guessing I would say she's from Paris KENTUCKY not Paris France

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