I Think You Broke Your Arm

I can't say for sure since I'm no doctor but I think you broke your arm man. You have to be careful not to fap too hard to the tranny porn on crazyshit.com At least he'll be getting some good pain killer drugs from the doctor.

  • sirfartsalot June 25, 2016

    When masturbation goes to far! Next on Frontline!

  • whobe June 25, 2016

    The worst pain I ever had is right before gall bladder surgery. I can tell you the hospital gave me some good stuff and I know I had a look on my face just like that dude.

  • picklehiesner June 25, 2016

    Makes it easier to poke a finger in your ass while you fap

  • mordecai June 25, 2016

    maybe he can cover the scar with a tattoo...oh wait!

  • stenchfart June 25, 2016

    Morphine is a wonderful drug

  • dracos June 25, 2016

    he's definitely one of those double jointed dudes

  • darkmadness June 25, 2016

    Nice 3D ink with the bone sticking out!

  • truckingman June 25, 2016

    Is he a Skateboarder???

  • nybadguy June 25, 2016

    And i thout 4 stitches hurt haha

  • sbohica June 26, 2016

    #thewicsguy life matters

  • darksider803 June 26, 2016

    I don't think your arm is suppose to bend that way.

  • goodster June 26, 2016

    Well he may be able to get himself in trouble here on all this so called "PORN ON CRAZYSHIT" if someone ever updated the actual XXX link,

  • goodster June 26, 2016

    But then again... that takes effort!.!.!

  • big_daddy305 June 26, 2016

    I'd be pissed as shit if my tattoo got fucked up.

  • walterwhite June 26, 2016

    Looks like they gave him some Dulodid (sp)...that stuff makes morphine feel like a 99cent store pain pill.

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