Excuse Me I think You Have Our Gas Pump

What's more dangerous, a PT Cruiser with a gas pump hanging out of the gas tank, or a Asian lady driving a caravan? It's a toss up, but this person here is an idiot. Maybe she was busy on the phone checking Granny's Facebook post out.

  • allcaps July 23, 2016

    she pumped I pumped..then we got out and pumped some gas

  • vulture July 23, 2016

    its far more important to get the lipstick in the right place than replace the fuel hose

  • failure101 July 23, 2016

    Senior citizen moment. Probably in a hurry to catch Matlock and Murder she wrote.

  • maddog123 July 23, 2016

    Done that twice back when I drove big trucks went thru half dozen scale houses and dot wave me right on thru! Fucking hose just a DRAGING.

  • felterupgood July 23, 2016

    What's the hand sign to alert the driver for that?

  • airsporter July 23, 2016

    Probably an impending Bankrupt Hairdresser.

  • dog66 July 23, 2016

    you can trade those for the regular gas cap anytime

  • potrostation July 23, 2016

    Surprised it has enough hours power to rip it off.

  • mykejp July 23, 2016

    Nothing like a hose dragging on a midget hearse.

  • mordecai July 23, 2016


  • bennyboy19 July 23, 2016

    Better mileage I guess

  • ouch July 23, 2016

    You would have to be a special kind of stupid to do this

  • truckingman July 23, 2016

    I bet that the gas station attendant was glad that the pump's hose had a MF" BREAK A WAY LINK!!!

  • joedumber July 24, 2016

    i shit you not man, i saw a pickup blow through a red light and then blow his horn at a car going through the green light, incredible

  • bucknuts July 24, 2016

    Bring back the 'Full' service station.,.,.

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