Crashed Plane

Plane in Bergamo skidded off of the runway during a rain storm

  • cazaly August 8, 2016

    Book him for not giving way.

  • cowboysouthern August 8, 2016

    That plane is a Super 80, or MD88 which is a DC9 on steroids. The reversers are attached with cables, kinda like an old choke on a carb or the hard linkage connecting the gas pedal to the carb. When you pull the reverser handles, you get want you get. You have to tweak the handles because if the cables are mis-rigged only SLIGHTLY, you have a severe asymmetrical thrust condition. Not only that, if the reversers go full power, it cuts ALL air flow over the rudder cancelling all inputs from the rudder pedals. Then again its possible he just landed long and screwed it up.

  • felterupgood August 8, 2016

    That's one way to bypass customs

  • honkie365 August 8, 2016

    Obama airlines.

  • airsporter August 8, 2016


    Thanks for the expansive 'techie info'

    Maybe he just had 'bald' tyres in the pissing rain..

    Has happened to me in a VW Beetle.

  • cthulu August 8, 2016

    Oh great now those airline thieving bastards are going to charge me up the ass for curbside service

  • mrpoop August 8, 2016

    Move it or lose it, sister!

  • cyberbu11y August 8, 2016

    There's a racist Muslim comment in here somewhere

  • oathbreaker August 8, 2016

    Everywheres a landing strip if you got the balls

  • potrostation August 8, 2016

    Fly ASL, and you can skip the TSA lines.

  • truckingman August 8, 2016

    Hydroplaning, the MF" BITCH ALSO KILLS PLANES!!!!!!

  • maddog123 August 8, 2016


  • twofords August 8, 2016

    ASL=Asian as a Second Language? Come on, its gotta be Asian related somehow.

  • rockinron August 10, 2016

    hey thats not the car pool lane asshole!

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