Silly Ackbar Execution

Ah the religion of peace always at it when it isn't beheading people or raping goats its shooting people in the head at close range. Hard to keep Muslims busy when it takes 72 virgin goats to keep them entertained. Also I'd like to say fuck you inside out Angela Merkel

  • felterupgood August 15, 2016

    If the US defeats ISIS we are going to miss these videos

  • maddog123 August 15, 2016

    I wished these damn deer's down here were that easy!!!

  • bennyboy19 August 15, 2016

    Again, it's the only range they can acheive headshots.

  • mrpoop August 15, 2016

    I hope the guy getting shot had his ear plugs in. Safety first.

  • captianchaoz August 15, 2016

    I wish these deer in my city that burn things down were that easy, and be able to do it with the law behind me, taking notes...

  • vulture August 15, 2016

    one in the head and one up the arse for good measure

  • stenchpa August 15, 2016

    Still lost his head.

  • failure101 August 15, 2016

    Still better than having your head hacked off with a dull blade.

  • whobe August 15, 2016

    Headache medicines of all medicine. It's called Enditall. Shit it will even get rid of the Flu.

  • darkmadness August 15, 2016

    @felterupgood Obama gave them military spec weapons with a smile.

  • truckingman August 15, 2016

    Did ISIS get the Ideal for this MF" TYPE OF EXECUTION FROM DICK CHENEY???

  • cyberbu11y August 15, 2016

    Love how he put another round in his back just to push him over the edge

  • potrostation August 15, 2016

    That guy was probably the old knife sharpener.

  • pizzapie August 15, 2016

    You gotta admit their videos are pretty awesome.

  • picklehiesner August 15, 2016

    Boom head shot

  • belchesfelches August 16, 2016

    @felterupgood If Hitlery gets elected you'll have all the Mooslime videos you can stomach.

  • darkness71 March 17, 2017

    I guess after the initial shot that completely obliterated this guys head he felt the need to fire 3 additional shots you know, to make sure.

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