Insane Parkour Jump

I can't say I'm happy about this I mean it is one bad as parkour jump from one building to another but I'd rather much see this attention whore fail and end up dead on the floor oh well maybe next time we'll see him on a gore video

  • felterupgood August 15, 2016

    What the hell was chasing him

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  •   longhungwong August 15, 2016

    ^^ Not Mexican so I doubt it was immigration

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  • felterupgood August 15, 2016

    ^^^ Yeah they never do good in the Olympics ...their best runners and jumpers have left

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  •   maddog123 August 15, 2016

    I swear I ran like that once from a girls house! Her daddy met me at the door and said sonofabitch??? Not son!

    My girls pregnant!!!! I should have run when he first said sonofabitch! But I was young and dumb! Today I try to pull out early! If I don't? I don't go around daddy's!!!

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  •   mrpoop August 15, 2016

    Fall, damn you!

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  • cyberbu11y August 15, 2016

    Who cares?? Apparently "Tosh is moist"

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  • failure101 August 15, 2016

    So some white men can jump. Myth busted.

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  •   whobe August 15, 2016

    Fake we know white guys are only good at pole vaulting.

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  •   treehouse21 August 15, 2016

    Is this the same guy who cleared that bridge the other day?

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  •   truckingman August 15, 2016

    Well his stunt WAS MF" BAD ASS...

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  • cyberbu11y August 15, 2016

    I know the feeling. I get like that when I'm the one chosen to make the beer run

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  •   picklehiesner August 15, 2016

    That boy can jump higher than Ouchs kangaroo

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  • wisebastard August 16, 2016

    That is faker than the NASA landing a rocket on a boat in the ocean backwards.......all they did was reverse the footage....DUH

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