Heads Up!

Heads up you'll never know when something may fall on you Something like a suicidal prick who will fall and hurt your shoulder. Some people are better off dead. People who are better off dead include Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and last but not least Barrack Obama

  • mordecai August 26, 2016

    finally someone did it right!

  • whobe August 26, 2016

    That's what he gets for telling him he would catch him.

  • stenchfart August 26, 2016

    ..took out the good Samaritan and got a bounce..golf clapping

  • james511969 August 26, 2016

    Wow, that girl's a knockout!

  • vulture August 26, 2016

    thats one hell of a Glaswegan kiss

  • goodster August 26, 2016

    "Hey Joe,,,, Hold on,,,, I'll Be Right Down!!!!!!!!

  • nybadguy August 26, 2016

    Fuck. I remember one time i was in Manhattan leaning against a building eatting a slice and all a sudden an apple came falling from the sky. Made such a loud fuckin pop noise right next to me. Some MF tossed that bitch off a roof or out of a 80 story window. Man if that shit was 6 inches closer I'd be 6 feet deep.

  • picklehiesner August 26, 2016

    Dude at least put your arms out and make an effort

  • airsporter August 26, 2016


    'This ones mine now fuck off out of the way or else...'

  • potrostation August 26, 2016

    Her last thought: Oh shit! You're not Clark Kent!

  • truckingman August 26, 2016

    I have a question that will have a STUPID ANSWER...

  • felterupgood August 26, 2016

    Two for the price of one

  • goodster August 27, 2016

    ^^IF you already know the answer then would it truly be a question?!?

  • f-bomb August 29, 2016

    2-fer or BOGO?

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