Bike Chain Tore Up His Hand

Wasn't a good idea for him to stick his hand in a moving bikes chain now he's going to have trouble fapping for a while

  • airsporter September 6, 2016

    Obviously a U.S / E.U Hospital bed..

    He can now Tweet how effective his Quorn diet bracelet brought him good luck.

  • xizang September 6, 2016

    Now his folks are going to sue the bicycle manufacturer.

  • eggsovereazy September 6, 2016

    That should teach Sbohica a lesson

  • longhungwong September 6, 2016

    I like sbohica makes me laugh @eggsovereasy but I think he's gayer than freddy mercury

  • whobe September 6, 2016

    For some reason I can't put my thumb on it.

  • mrsdoubtfire September 6, 2016

    Airsporter, as a nurse I can tell you you're probably spot on there. Fucking faggy hipsters and vegans always moan that conventional medicine is harmful and they'll just suck on organic carrots to help them feel better. Twats.

  • longhungwong September 6, 2016

    @mrsdoubtfire preach

  • failure101 September 6, 2016

    I can hear their fag ass conversation "dude like that was like totally epic bro. I'm a upload this bro #ridestrong bro."

  • hairytotems September 6, 2016

    I hate wrist band fads sorry about your pro repair job

  • truckingman September 6, 2016


  • sharkkiller1 September 6, 2016

    my dumbass brother did the same thing like 35 years ago

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