Mei Ling Is Well Built

Mei Ling is well built and she love you long time she'll give you a pedicure then suck your eggroll till you your eyes roll back oh shit eggrolls are Chinese not Japanese but you get my drift

  • maddog123 September 28, 2016

    Hot damn!!!!!! Yeah boy!!!!!!

  • james511969 September 28, 2016

    Having sex with a Chinese woman is great, because when you're done, in 30 minutes you want to do her again.

  • maddog123 September 28, 2016

    Bitch is fine but I still wouldn't ride on no damn scooter with her even if she offerd me her and her sister!

  • ouch September 28, 2016

    @maddog123 throw in her mum and I'll have a shot.

  • pinkyjenk September 28, 2016

    I was bracing myself in case a dick flopped out. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

  • zmolez September 28, 2016

    From the look of her asshole it's had an egg roll or 2 in it

  • mrpoop September 28, 2016

    Fuck yeah!

  • prodeath September 28, 2016

    I use to have an asian girlfriend, the only problem was every time I fucked her half hour later I was horny again

  • bobbabooey September 28, 2016

    She'll even eat your diarrhea and fry up your dog if you ask.

  • el_chingon September 28, 2016

    Yeah...I like Nippon Nipples!

  • cyberbu11y September 28, 2016

    Damn I was hoping to see that fat little minge between her regs

  • truckingman September 28, 2016

    Mei Ling has a cute and beautiful body that she has shared with us, and the word. On the behalf of the CrazyShit community, I would like to thank you Mei Ling for sharing this wonderful animation of your cute and beautiful body...

    Sincerely, Robert Hallock

    the truckingman.

  • yeayeayea September 28, 2016

    ^u always so proper. lol. dont change.

  • nybadguy September 28, 2016


  • cazaly September 28, 2016

    What ever they are putting in the food over there, keep it up.

  • sharkbait September 29, 2016

    Yep,she's got tits and a butthole.That meets 2 of my most minimum requirements.

  • insanemonkey September 29, 2016

    you know she got big tits when she uses the other hand to pull them tities out.

  • blartfart September 29, 2016

    I thought their cunts were horizontal not vertical.

  • mrpoop September 29, 2016

    I'm in love

  • bennyboy19 September 29, 2016

    What is her real name?

  • picklehiesner September 29, 2016

    Wipe that shit eating grin off your face Mei Ling

  • dozer67 September 29, 2016

    a nice way to go a Limo ride and a Hot Asian just need a line and a Coke

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