Safety First

  • dankity April 26, 2005

    How dumb

  • roses1117 April 26, 2005

    That is the stupidest thing ever!!!!!

  • naughty_samara April 26, 2005

    AGREED!...poor lil dog.

  • spongemike April 26, 2005

    Looks like it's thinkin, " don't let any of my friends see me in this get-up, please."

  • blackwidow April 26, 2005

    It's kinda cute!

  • noble172 April 26, 2005

    whoever is responsible for this really needs to get out more

  • anonymous_1 April 26, 2005

    I guess that is one way you could use little kids undies.....notice - the leg holes are for the ears, the head goes through the waste..and they you cut out a spot for the nose...LOL -- and sew in a little piece of plastic for a face shield?....Creative -- but still.....Fucked up....I agree with SpongeMike...the poor dog will need therapy now.

  • pui2e_playaz April 26, 2005

    dog says : I shoulda stayed home ...

  • ramyel April 26, 2005

    ok ramyel to crazyshit if u guys dont put better shit then this crap im GONE get it!!!!!

  • macgyver April 27, 2005

    Ladies! That's not a child's underwear...

    If you just use ur glasses, u will see its a rubber ball. Jeez!

    I bet that dog is feeling reeeeeally stupid

  • Jay D. April 27, 2005

    ramyel, I'll see what I can do. I'd hate to see you leave. And you've really contributed soo much to the site. How about this. Give us a hand, click the link on the top of the page that says "Send Us Shit" and send some shit our way. I promise to get it up, if it's good.

  • i am canadian April 27, 2005

    people r very sick

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