• maddog123 December 7, 2016

    I'm no shit eater! Shankcunt you can eat it fucking Muslim!

    • strokerace December 7, 2016

      @maddog123 You might not be a shit eater, but i bet you're a a damn good cocksucker.

      • maddog123 December 7, 2016

        @strokerace you say cunt sucker? Oh yeah love the puss !!! You and shankcunt ORT to try some! You crazy Muslim bastards!

        • skankhunt42 December 7, 2016

          @maddog123 Really dick head, that's the best you got to try and troll me? Call me when you grow a set and actually can insult... till then I wipe my shit covered dick from your mums ass and smeared it over your dead dads face then skull fucked your fat wife while choke fucking her and rubbing her face in the dried shit cum from fucking your wheelchair spastic sister the night before. Dumb ass

          • mordecai December 7, 2016

            @skankhunt42 you forgot to say allah akbar at the end....

          • maddog123 December 7, 2016

            @skankhunt42 what the fuck is a mum? You fucking Muslim ! Oh your either a British faggot Muslim or a fucking panda fucking Muslim! So go fuck your mum! Muslim!

          • mookie492 December 8, 2016

            @skankhunt42, do you know how ridiculously stupid and punkish you sound? That was WEAK troll momma. @maddog owned you because he belongs! Get the hint?

  • soulconsumer December 7, 2016


  • whobe December 7, 2016

    After I'm done with her she will be sticking that in the fridge.

  • insanemonkey December 7, 2016

    for some odd reason i wanna jump on that like a cowboy getting on his horse.

  • motorboatagoat December 7, 2016

    Always keep your beer on the bottom shelf

  • stenchfart December 7, 2016

    she got some flowers on the counter too...well played

  • corruptedsob December 7, 2016

    She's a perfect specimen in her natural habitat

  • mrpoop December 7, 2016

    i want to give it a whiff

  • luvthick December 8, 2016

    Nice rear entry.

  • allcaps December 9, 2016

    trannys have nice crisp tan lines.....from what i have been told

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