3 girls were hit by at least 1 train, 2 died at the scene. Police say it's possible the noise from one train was so loud that the girls didn't realize another one was approaching from behind them.

The train's headlights were visible on the top right side of the photo. "They were in their own little world," recalled John Anderson, train conductor inside the eastbound Union Pacific train locomotive. Engineer Michael Anderson, no relation to John, blasted the train horn to get the girls' attention. No response. Not even a flinch.

Trains traveling at 55 mph can take more than a mile to come to a complete stop after the emergency brakes are applied. A rush of panic, confusion and fear filled the locomotive as the train raced toward the girls at approximately 39 miles mph.

  • jewman December 22, 2016


  • luvthick December 22, 2016

    I don't know if this is true, but if it is, that's pretty fucked up!

    • digupskulls December 22, 2016

      @luvthick It's true,

      • luvthick December 22, 2016

        @digupskulls That's sad. Thanks for the link.

  • airsporter December 22, 2016

    A lot of Dental Dollars just pissed away!

  • wombatbytes December 22, 2016

    At least the fugly one died first!

  • whobe December 22, 2016

    The one on the right looks like a train wreck.

  • honkie365 December 22, 2016

    Dumb bitches. Won't do that again.

  • motorboatagoat December 22, 2016

    3 blondes? Why am I not surprised

  • sirfartsalot December 22, 2016

    This is a bullshit post you stole from the YNC.

  • americanfatass December 22, 2016

    Holy shit!

    It already hit the one on the right.

  • mrmerle December 22, 2016

    Soooo wheres the after pic??????????????

  • noihavetosaythis December 23, 2016

    Sometimes I ask myself how much of those backstorys are completly made up just to entertain . .

  • galtab December 23, 2016

    the girl on the far right looks like she's already been hit by train

  • me68 December 23, 2016

  • deadpen December 23, 2016

    Heaven better be expecting 3 angels to come a knocking on the pearly gates...................oh and these three bitches are going to try and jump the fence so hire extra security.

  • nexus6 December 24, 2016

    passive eugenics

  • moriarty March 12, 2017


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