Usually takes Pablo a few tequila shots till he's down for the count but when it comes to taking a knuckle sandwich to the face one punch is all it takes for him to take a siesta

  • peaks January 15, 2017

    Ok, OK!

    Step onto the grass and I will PROCLAIM that I am a Cocksucking Faggot!......YES!

  • jewman January 15, 2017

    stupid and fake as fuck

  • alwaysaproblem January 15, 2017

    Why do I waste my time?

    • ouch January 15, 2017

      @alwaysaproblem have you ever thought of using the submit option? YOU CAN SUBMIT SHIT!

      That way you and others get to to see stuff you like posted here!

      stop crying and do something about it!

      Every day I see you fucking pussy cunts around here are crying and you never do anything to make CS Greta again!

      DERP fucking cunts!

  • luvthick January 15, 2017


  • noihavetosaythis January 15, 2017

    The endpose is my I-had-sex-pose

  • airsporter January 15, 2017


  • corruptedsob January 15, 2017

    Finish Him

  • hayleybear January 15, 2017

    such a gay hit....are these the best queens in town?

  • freddykrueger January 15, 2017


  • ouch January 15, 2017

    hahahaha they have their own cheerleader

  • truckingman January 15, 2017

    It took a second for Pablo's brain to register his Knock Out.

  • fatlarry January 15, 2017

    wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, there you go

  • poekey_hoitz January 16, 2017

    I always thought Bollywood movies made no sense.

    I guess random acts of violence do cause you them to break out and dance.

  • solidbriscoe January 17, 2017

    What's with the Saturday night fever pose?

  • poekey_hoitz January 17, 2017


    You need to familiarize yourself with the cultural differences in the world.

    Watch a Bollywood film. I swear it'll blow your mind.

    At first I thought it was just a montage or something. But then during one of the dance numbers. I shit you not. The phone starts ringing and everybody keeps dancing but the gang leader breaks formation to answer the phone.

    It's just what they do.

  • lawjaq January 18, 2017

    He didn't know wtf happened. Short and sweet.

  • johnnyjones February 1, 2017

    lool that final pose from the ref was priceless

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