• ebola March 29, 2017

    Everyone has got a talent...

    +3 -2
  • noprob March 29, 2017

    My second ex-old lady liked it like this.

    She never would let me watch tho....

    +4 -3
  • daveoconnor4747 March 29, 2017

    When you have no love and no self-confidence

    +3 -3
    • moneyman96 March 29, 2017

      @daveoconnor4747 Dude, stop being gay! We need bitches like this in the world.

      +2 -4
      • daveoconnor4747 March 29, 2017

        @moneyman96 No need to film his and show it to all lol

        +3 -1
        • txdo_msk March 29, 2017

          @daveoconnor4747 are you sure you're signed in to the correct site? Degradation is one of the hallmarks of CS. There's not much left of the original site. Let us enjoy it.

          +1 -3
          • daveoconnor4747 March 29, 2017

            @txdo_msk I am white Canadian Quebec I am racist I love brawling big ass and blood my I'm not asshole and a heartless some believe on site be strong men who adore heads cut and laugh others in Thinking themselves better behind their computer

            +2 -2
            • moneyman96 March 29, 2017

              @daveoconnor4747 STFU and go back to grammar school!

              +3 -3
            • cellule March 29, 2017

              @daveoconnor4747 : Câlisse de clown... Change de site si ça fait pas ton affaire ou ferme ta yeule tant qu'à brailler pour un osti d'GIF de porn cheap sur le net..

              (Fuckin' clown.. Go on another site if you're not happy or STFU instead of crying for a shitty cheap porn GIF on the net.)

              I'm an internet warrior!!! Fuck you all!!

              ..shit I forgot the caps-lock..

              +2 -3
              • daveoconnor4747 March 29, 2017

                @cellule Jtimagine deja le gros plein de marde qui pese 400 lbs qui joue a sa derriere sont écran va te branler sur des tetes couper je vais surement pas me retenir a écrire se que je pense a cause que un Un no life qui fou rien de sa vie viens me donner de la marde par ce que je pense pas comme lui jte donne mon adresse si tu veux parler en face?

                +2 -1
                • cellule March 30, 2017

                  @daveoconnor4747 If you would take a walk outside the PG, you'd see another side (the real one) of some active C.S. members. What happens in the PG is.. well, in the PG!! Go have a look in the forums, then you might understand why I said you made a fool of yourself.

                  And I'm OK with having a beer one of these, then we could also post pics of us sharing our gf. Or our mom's.

                  Who would have guessed the PG is now a anal-pounder-wannabe dating site!

                  Take that, Ouch!! Hahahah!!!

                  We love you, Crazy Shit!

                  (p.s., Dave... c'est "ça derrière", pas "sa", ni "se que" mais "ce". Et ta ponctuation suçe presque autant que ma blonde!)

                  Ok, enough internet war today for me.

                  +1 -0
                  • daveoconnor4747 April 1, 2017

                    @cellule Bon a steure j'écris mal tu c pu quoi dire ? on n'a pas le droit de dire se qu'ont pense sur du gore mes il faut en plus écrire parfait pour le gros ta de marde derriere sont écran tes surement pas en ville tes ou dit moi :)

                    +0 -1
  •   luvthick March 29, 2017

    What a disgusting slut... Where do you find such women... No, really, where can I find them?


    +6 -4
    • noprob March 29, 2017

      @luvthick you want my ex's address?

      +5 -2
  •   luvthick March 29, 2017

    I think I found her family portrait, it explains alot:

    +1 -4
    • noprob March 29, 2017

      @luvthick you found them! Lol

      +2 -2
    • bigsmokey86 March 30, 2017

      @luvthick Ah its the Mengele family portrait

      +1 -0
  • fuzzybuzz March 29, 2017

    I wonder if her eyesight is sharp enough to see swimmers.

    +2 -1
  •   GrimmWilder March 29, 2017

    Looks like one of Atoms Diary subject. paying the rent.,.,,.,,.

    +2 -2
    • cellule March 29, 2017

      @bucknuts : Exactly!!

      +0 -4
  • bitch choker March 29, 2017

    Sasha Grey

    +3 -0
  • Come on guys don't be so hard on her, she has a mouth to feed.

    +2 -2
  •   crazyshit-Cory H. March 29, 2017

    Be a bad day to get the water shut off.

    +1 -2
  • vaknama March 29, 2017

    that's Sasha Grey right? i love that chick

    +3 -2
  •   dozer67 March 30, 2017

    No matter the money I rather my daughter be homeless than this shit..

    +0 -0
  • leadsinger March 31, 2017

    I saw this scene in Ghostbusters but with less ectoplasm.

    +1 -0
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