To His People He's Stylin

  • winks May 15, 2005

    i think that his lip ring might get in the way a bit

  • vanilla_cream May 15, 2005

    He's got big wood.

  • tha_prins May 16, 2005

    If attention is what he wants, the circus is very interested. They've been looking for a good sturdy peg to hold up the big top

  • spongemike May 16, 2005

    What all the hip tribes are into, LIPSTICK.

  • tstony May 16, 2005

    Just wait a few years. The wackos are already piercing everything they own. You're looking at the next step.

  • bpmolder May 20, 2005

    Blowjob gone wrong.....

  • joseman July 3, 2005

    Now what does it mean if you pierce your bottom lip, does it mean your gay, or is it the upper lip?

  • cardel72 October 18, 2006

    looks like PEE WEE HERMAN and Explorer Ernie had a fight.

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