Here Are The Rules

  • archemedes_rex May 16, 2005

    Hey! It's my old high school!

  • vanilla_cream May 16, 2005

    That my last place of employment

  • blackwidow May 16, 2005

    I get a little misty eyed looking back on my child hood!!

  • mostyles May 17, 2005

    hehe , good ones

  • spongemike May 17, 2005


  • bpmolder May 20, 2005

    Hey, that's what I give to my did they get ahold of that?

  • sammi1991 September 28, 2005

    thats not funny thats at a prision in cambodia that they used during the time of pol pot

    it was a secret and out of 20000 people who went in, 7 came out alive. i know coz i did a project on it. guys this aint funny, you havnt seen what they do to the guys in there. thats just sick putting it on here.

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