Even Back Then It Was A Problem

  • archemedes_rex June 6, 2005

    Obviously a 'free' porn site

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  • bpmolder June 6, 2005

    Such a shame that they will never know all of the ancient prophecy due to a popup window that won't get out of the way....probably why the catholics thought the ancient scriptures said celibate, when it actually said celebrate. lol

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  • winks June 7, 2005

    lol...funny bp

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  • rockybalboa June 7, 2005

    Goddammit! another Hieroplyghic text Markup Language error! Now I´ll have to sculpt the whole goddamn program once a-fucking-gain!

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  • bpmolder June 7, 2005

    It's like the flinstones....when deleting something means smashing the fucking stone and chiseling a new one. lol

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  • macgyver June 7, 2005

    I think its the world's first computer crash. I wonder how they debug those stones?

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  • bpmolder June 9, 2005

    It was probably running on Windows BC.....before the blue screen of death there was the brown screen of death. lol

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  • tookalook June 9, 2005

    Hey bp all religions have a bad past and points to them! Does it make your life easier to endure when you slam others? I was really hoping that was you eating lead at the elevator, then you wouldn't be posting your drivel here anymore, but guess not.

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