Look What I Can Do

  • xaykam June 7, 2005

    hes either drunk or bored or both..either way thats gotta pinch like hell... why would he do that????

  • rockybalboa June 7, 2005

    If stupidity was worth any money, we could be in front of Ted Dibiase, the million dollar man.

  • archemedes_rex June 7, 2005

    (1)place warm, empty beer bottles in ice water.(2)place nipples in mouthes of bottles.(3)when air in bottles contracts, stand up & receive ice water down front of pants.

  • bpmolder June 7, 2005

    Pasties for rednecks.....YEE HAW!

  • doc_5729 June 12, 2005

    can't be a redneck bp, they outlawed bottles in da south. the reason was they could be used as lethal weapons at family reunions. must be cajuns or french, they're all the same....

  • spongemike June 12, 2005

    So that's where Budlight comes from.

  • sinner_angel June 21, 2005

    Well at least he has a skill and like his other skills this one will probally not get him laid.....

  • joseman July 3, 2005

    I'll say it again, Too much beer... Too much time.

  • trojen August 6, 2005

    man boobies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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