Cheating The College Years

  • sl June 9, 2005

    Now thats funny, i wonder how many of them are future doctors!!

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  • winks June 9, 2005

    the guy in the front row is the most obvious...god i hope that these people don't become doctors....

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  • archemedes_rex June 9, 2005

    Probably kids OF N.A.S.A. employees.

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  • vanilla_cream June 9, 2005

    I hope the professor has the good sense to fail them.

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  • naughty_samara June 9, 2005

    me 2 vanilla but they r probably blowing him so he will pass them

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  • pernicious2mil June 10, 2005

    Who says it is a test? some of my college classes we can use notes on quiz's.... ' you can use your notes you can use your papers, you just can't use your neighbor '

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  • rockybalboa June 10, 2005

    Your college classes are way ahead of others. That's the way of teaching of the future. We don´t really need to memorize a lot of things, we just have to know how to solve problems or to find the one that didn´t cheat in his exams! :P

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  • idril June 10, 2005

    what do you call the person who graduated last in med school.....

    you call him/her Doctor!!!!!!!!!!!

    it's a stupid jock but sssooo true

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  • cykomaton June 11, 2005

    if you could get away with it then get away with it

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  • gorgoroth October 11, 2006

    i would fail all of them unless the hot chick is blowing me! BONG!

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  • filby December 11, 2014

    how I got through high school.

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