Looks Like Fun

  • rockybalboa June 10, 2005

    Looks like trouble for married couples... holy dogshit I can see accidents everywhere!

  • big bull June 10, 2005

    For training female drivers?

  • archemedes_rex June 10, 2005

    Looks like a distraction for the driver of the car. Is the gearshift shaped like a dildo or what?

  • pernicious2mil June 11, 2005

    Perfect for married couples, the female can drive while the male unsuspectingly plays video games... match made in heaven till she wrecks the car and he winds up on death row because she didn't let him save his game....

  • spongemike June 12, 2005

    Ya rex, a mahogany dickshift.

  • smilee July 15, 2008


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