What's Grosser Than Gross

  • petpe June 15, 2005

    Nachos anyone?

  • pernicious2mil June 15, 2005

    You bring the chips I got the cheese

  • spongemike June 15, 2005

    Flesh eating disease bites, don't it.

  • archemedes_rex June 15, 2005

    Actually it looks more like scrambled eggs with ham & maggots. You pour the orange juice.

  • cykomaton June 16, 2005

    it looks like someone threw-up

  • rockybalboa June 16, 2005

    One year ago I would see that picture and I would feel bad. Now I can view it and eat pizza at the same time. Thank you crazyshit. Thank you.

  • winks June 16, 2005

    haha rocky...good for you...but i think that i am gonna lose my breakfast...

  • msluvly0423 June 17, 2005

    Rocky, try this on for size...I could watch an autopsy in front of me and not feel like I have everything I ate for dinner last night in my throat!!!

    How's that for fuckin control!!!

  • rockybalboa June 20, 2005

    Holy Mother of Jesus... that is even more disgusting than seeing a picture or video. The nasty fumes coming from a decaying human body are second to none in nastyness. Your crazyshitness factor = 9 (it´s not 10 because only men can be perfect crazyshitters... sorry) :P

  • naughty_samara June 21, 2005

    hey rocky,the WOMAN IS ALWAYS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kendi June 27, 2005

    fucking sick

  • joseman July 3, 2005

    That's fuckin Gross. What's the time laps on that? I wouldn't wish that even on my worst enemy.

  • cushtush February 20, 2006

    omg about a year ago i would be sooo quwizzy watching someone brake their arm now im immune to all this CrazyShit so i aree with rockybalboa


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