Strip Club Bathroom Sign

I’d hate to walk into the john, to take a leak, and some dude’s got is balls out scrubbing those bitches in the sink. Maybe it’s a restaurant where all the waiters tea bag your soup.

  • mike8putang July 1, 2005

    sounds like a clean place to me

  • big bull July 1, 2005

    Wonder if the have a coin operated machine in woman's restroom? A douche for a dollar!

  • jwindol July 1, 2005

    Center up on this nozzle and relax.

  • archemedes_rex July 2, 2005

    It would take me thirty minutes.

  • vanilla_cream July 2, 2005

    Who cleans the pole they dance on?

  • noble172 July 2, 2005

    the next chick!! that is why they always come out and do the first set with panties

  • naughty_samara July 5, 2005

    i agree mike it DOES sound clean.

  • yodabitch July 9, 2005

    would be kinna hard to get your ass in the sink....... gross for the next person who wants to wash their hands too!

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