Things Will Never Be The Same!!!

Ok, this isn’t supposed to be funny. But yet is is sooooo fucking funny. I can’t even look at this pic, with out having to get a tissue to dry my eyes off! The best part is the guys in the middle, being like "Suuppp!!!"

  • orgasmic-bacon July 6, 2005

    starting from the left


    "Get some crunk in yo system"


    "Man dat was some Fiya ass weed man"

    "Yeah, dem trees was off the chain ma nigga"

    But seriously OK!!!!

  • gregonaut July 6, 2005

    So this is what they call Post Tramatic Slave Disorder!!!!

  • mandapanda06 July 6, 2005

    This must be the before and after of East St Louis...

  • kimmer July 7, 2005

    HAHA thats fucked up! :P

  • naughty_samara July 7, 2005

    LOL...thats funny!

  • winks July 7, 2005


  • bwahahaha August 6, 2005


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