Man Meets Wood Chipper

I’m pretty sure this guy got run though a wood chipper. Kinda like in that movie Fargo. That reminds me, I’m gonna go get something to eat.

  • rockybalboa July 8, 2005

    Thank you crazyshit. I feel my stomach is stronger with every visit here... THANK YOU! (You can put this in your testimonials page) :P

  • naughty_samara July 8, 2005

    QUICK!some1 get me a fork and spoon!!!!!!IM STARVING!!!!!!!

  • sl July 8, 2005

    Now did he just trip and fall in there or did someone push him in there? (angery wife?) lol!

  • ramyel July 8, 2005

    hey isnt this guy the one that left the illegals at the border patrol station??

  • dolphinbbb July 8, 2005



  • archemedes_rex July 8, 2005

    You really should wait only 15 minutes after lighting the charcoal. Then put the meat on...

  • ryah22 July 9, 2005

    Rocky...I sooo agree w/ you buddy!

  • yodabitch July 9, 2005

    terrible way to die.....was probably quick though, poor guy

  • yortgtnik July 9, 2005

    when i ckicked on this pic i was eating a hamberg

    still hungery

  • bongdaddy2004 July 9, 2005

    omg thats not right i dont see how you can just fall in to a wood chipper.i think foul play

  • uglyfella July 10, 2005

    what i don't get is how his leg and his neck got fucked up. i can picture someone being stupid enough to push a log in with there foot. but how does the front of your neck get chopped up

  • kimmer July 10, 2005

    did he fall head first?

  • msluvly0423 July 12, 2005

    I think someone put that ass in there cuz the bottom half of his body looks a shit load worse than the top.

  • galaxia July 29, 2005


  • stoppedtostare October 15, 2005

    should have gotten that natural gas

  • slavepuppet July 21, 2008

    fresh meat anyone

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