I See An X Box Divorce In Their Future

Sure I like to play a ass-ton of video games. But you would never see me at my wedding with anything remotely close to this. These people are just straight up losers.

  • orgasmic-bacon July 11, 2005

    I really dont get this one, i mean they both look like "normal" people, they have tans!? wtf...i think their imposter gamers. i just keep scrolling up to see if i missed something. mabey they have a geek freind that owns a bakery and he told em the cake was his present, thats why they look so exstatic

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  • vanilla_cream July 11, 2005

    I disagree orgasmic-bacon, they don't look normal at all to me. First of all look at that FUGLY dress she is wearing. And her late 80's hairstyle. Looks like a time warp. I'm no slave to fashion, but DAMN! Any body who would have a stupid cake like that at their wedding deserves the divorce that's sure to follow. Jay had it right 'Straight Up Losers'!

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  • dabrainz July 11, 2005

    Look closer hombres....Both of these individuals have incredible similar noses, eyes, and chins. In fact, I would bank that these gaming monkeys are related......

    Inbred gamers?

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  • andycz July 12, 2005

    orgasmic-bacon you say about the fassion and hair, if you look thats one old ass console so that picture could be ten years old. but its a bit sad for a wedding cake, maybe there is a ten year old having a birthday party with a big ass three tier cake with an idibidi icing couple on top, crappy cake shops just cant get the staff these days :-)

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  • orgasmic-bacon July 12, 2005

    oh shit son!!! they do look like their related lol

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  • kimmer July 12, 2005

    Jesus......what is wrong with people?!?!?!?

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  • archemedes_rex July 12, 2005

    You can't procreate if you're gaming every moment of your lives. Sign these two up for the Darwin Awards.

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  • killahbee July 16, 2005

    they have to be inbred!

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  • pui2e_playaz July 16, 2005

    Damn I want that cake ! Classic Playstation Moment... took away most of my childhood

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  • paris_kaziah July 24, 2005

    damn, wonder what their wedding night was like... "honey, how about a little... ah hem, tokyo extreme racing?" wink wink nudge nudge

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  • cardioprincess August 21, 2005

    They need to get a life...or at least a new hobby

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