He Pulled The Wrong Parking Break

That hairy beach ape is pretty fucking lucky down there. That would have been some shitty way to die. I can see the headlines now; "Naked Man Gets Crushed By Car, Dick Still In Hand".

  • canukcop July 15, 2005

    Is this person taking a picture of the car or the fucking sasquatch sunbathing on the rocks? Jesus, I would have averted my eyes and crashed my car too.

  • naughty_samara July 15, 2005

    why r they all naked?.....i no they r at yorts house!!!!lmao

  • conkerman15 July 15, 2005

    OMG my mom is going to shoot me for this!!!

  • ryah22 July 15, 2005

    How to explain this one...

  • archemedes_rex July 15, 2005


  • pui2e_playaz July 16, 2005

    I would've crashed too If i've seen that many dicks

  • mad cow July 16, 2005

    someone has tried to run over sadam on the beach

  • yortgtnik July 16, 2005

    hell thats mydad there and my uncle up on the hill

  • bbeens July 16, 2005

    I told my wife to watch all the ROCKS!!!!!

  • kimmer July 16, 2005

    i totally agree with pui2e!

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