You Likey My New Camera-phone?

Ok, so I didn’t come up with the idea, or even make the picture, but I’m sure it works better than the piece-o-shit I have for a phone. Half the pics that I take you can’t even see what the fuck I am taking a picture of.

  • kimmer July 18, 2005

    i need one of those...

  • winks July 19, 2005

    that might be a little bit hard to hide in the locker room at the gym...

  • hotxgothxbitch July 19, 2005

    hmmmmmm, ummm interesting

  • orgasmic-bacon July 19, 2005

    yeah, but can you put it in your pocket?

  • mandapanda06 July 19, 2005

    i dig that ghetto-fab shit...where can i get one? hook me up..

  • pernicious2mil July 20, 2005

    Shit thats no camera phone thats Al-quida's new cancer of the cranium telephonetic picture taker

  • galaxia July 28, 2005


  • thesku11s August 25, 2005

    Russian cameras are cool.

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