Talk About Taking The Fun Out Of Life!

Damm it man! No prostitution, no drugs or drug dealers, weapons, loitering, trespassing, drinking! Fuck what kind of a world are we coming to. Those are just about all the things that make life worth living. Well except the trespassing, I could take or leave that one. Damm L.A.P.D. keeping the man down!

  • naughty_samara July 19, 2005

    i lay 10000$ down that this fuckin place sux!!!

  • mike8putang July 19, 2005

    if i had 10000 $ i would take that bet.

  • oski July 19, 2005

    down the street from my house there's a sign just like this on a church. Only difference is, it says boys 12 & under Welcome!!!!!!!!!!!

  • archemedes_rex July 19, 2005

    What I think is funny is that they actually had to post a sign.

  • mandapanda06 July 19, 2005

    So I say we'd boycott this shit hole place, right? Who in the outlaws alcohol and sex? Cmon...get real

  • raydafreak July 20, 2005

    The LAPD are probably the violators! FTP!

  • pernicious2mil July 20, 2005

    If thats whats inside that area I think I'll just hang outside that area.... yeah.... that area is so over rated

  • kimmer July 20, 2005

    bleh...thats no fun!

  • bobmarley420 July 24, 2005

    sounds like n/a

  • jgyt August 6, 2005

    That for the chirld to live by !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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