Kiss Your Ears Goodbye

I’m sure that this could possibly wake up one or two neighbors. Then again, it might wake up one or two astronauts in deep space.

  • pernicious2mil July 20, 2005

    You guys ever hear of the car audio 54' thunder dome's? ? now there is a speaker!

  • gregonaut July 20, 2005

    I'd love to record my neighbor's dogs barking and play it back for them at 2:00 AM!!!!

  • kimmer July 20, 2005

    i want one of those! LoL @ greg

  • naughty_samara July 21, 2005

    lol greg...LOVE THEM SPEAKERS!!!

  • winks July 21, 2005

    i hear ya greg..i got the same kind of neighbour...

  • archemedes_rex July 24, 2005

    'run like hell' by Pink Floyd turned all the way up.

  • fatmuffinman July 24, 2005

    I would love to hear some Michael Bolton on that thing. I celebrate his whole album.

  • moonchild69 July 25, 2005

    yea and put the dog right in front of it too lol

  • bluber July 30, 2005

    thats some wake up call!!!

  • fukrface August 7, 2005

    nice system

  • sammi1991 September 28, 2005

    my dad saw this at a thing in the usa. he said it was really loud. i know because we have a picture of it, but i cant get it. i never went (a bit hard for me to, with me not having a passport and all) but apparently they werent for sale...wonder why?!?!?!

  • smkymcbngwtr October 6, 2008

    holt fucking shit i want that fucking system

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