Now That's Passed Out!

I’m sure I know how it all started. Whoever it was, started snoring. They tried to wake him/her to no avail. Then they decide to quite him/her down my putting a blanket on his/her face, then some furniture, and next thing you know, it’s a passed out piece of art.

  • naughty_samara July 21, 2005


  • winks July 21, 2005

    with all that stuff on him at least he won't be cold...

  • vanilla_cream July 21, 2005

    Are they sure the person under all of that is still alive?

  • archemedes_rex July 21, 2005

    We used to call this 'Drunken Jenga'.

  • kimmer July 22, 2005

    Looks like something my friends would do.

  • bbeens July 22, 2005

    The only thing that pisses me off about this pic, is there is still a full shot on the table! DRINK

  • bobmarley420 July 24, 2005

    lol @ bbeens

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