I'm Thinking This Is a Strip Club Sign

I’m almost positive that that sign is at a strip club. If you know where it is, let me know, I wouldn’t mind going there!

  • mad cow July 22, 2005

    we need that sign in all bars and restos in the world

  • sl July 22, 2005


  • kimmer July 22, 2005

    hell i wanna go

  • mike8putang July 22, 2005

    now if they all could just DIE and goto hell while they were at it ..

  • vanilla_cream July 22, 2005

    Great Sign

  • skittletoes July 23, 2005

    HAHA my arab friend happened to be sitting close by when i saw this, he "ACTED" offended and now its gotten to be a permanent joke on him, thanks crazyshit!

  • eddy114 July 27, 2005

    They left out young boys. The taliban had their own chapter of NAMBLA!

  • fukrface August 7, 2005

    dumb fuckin sandniggers

  • morton February 28, 2006

    hmm. we hate you we hate you we hate you, and oh! we respect you! yeah right. fuckin' double standards.

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