Carrot Top The Early Years

Wow, look at this guy with his pretty Coke Can suit. So you think he’s going to the prom like that? Or maybe graduation?

  • pernicious2mil July 29, 2005

    Yeah, me and summer wheatly had a blast

  • bbeens July 29, 2005

    Where ever he's going, he's going alone!! This clod should take a punch right in the spleen for that outfit!!!

  • naughty_samara July 29, 2005

    hehe what a fuckin dumass!!!

  • hightimeroller July 29, 2005

    looks like junior is all dressed up and nowhere to go...

    get his ass beat like a redheaded stepchild. or at least make it out of budweiser cans next time you


  • kimmer July 30, 2005

    hey i have a belt made out of coke bottle caps....

  • eweotter July 30, 2005

    This guy needs help.

  • vanilla_cream July 30, 2005

    You sound so proud kimmer, lol

  • galaxia July 31, 2005


  • kimmer August 7, 2005

    I am proud...LOL

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