That's Just Supa Dupa Fly!!!

  • eweotter July 31, 2005

    All that money just to listen to music, that had to cost more than the truck itself...not to mention, they'll probably go deaf...

  • tudogaiman July 31, 2005

    Kick-ass sound. Now get to work on the visuals!

  • frootyhooty July 31, 2005

    so, I guess he can't haul anything in the back of the truck

  • vanilla_cream July 31, 2005

    This is the kind of shit my ex used to do for a living. It takes boo coo bucks to do this.

  • archemedes_rex July 31, 2005

    Now you know why I hate my neighborhood.

  • mike8putang August 1, 2005

    at least hell have a good excuse why he cant use his truck to help his buddies move out

  • wicked_m4 August 1, 2005


  • de_stripper August 2, 2005


  • ehs August 6, 2005

    In some neighborhoods you cannot have your stereo too loud. If you can hear it over 50 feet away they fine you $250.00.

    I think if I were young I would go into the Hearing Aide business. These young ones are going to need them earlier than normal.

  • kimmer August 7, 2005

    I feel like thats kinda a waste of money.....but its kewl!

  • rx7driver September 5, 2005

    Ya think thats crazy, Ive seen an S-10 that with a truck bed that lift about 25 feet in the air then spin around shooting fireworks. Seriously it was at ATL Nopi Nationals last year.

  • eastsidesigns March 19, 2006

    Piece of shit doesnt even have x-box

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