Mr. Fuk, You Suck

I think I am going to change my name to Haywood Jablowme. Now that’s got a great fucking ring too it.

  • tumblin_dice August 8, 2005

    If your male I guess this guy rides in the back.

  • big bull August 8, 2005

    Poor Bastard!

  • bbeens August 9, 2005

    What are his kids names? Good...Bad....Dead....Lazy....well anyone else want to join in? Ass Fuk, Thats good

  • mandapanda06 August 9, 2005

    Shit...that's as bad as naming your kid Placenta...or better yet, Scheisse...which is German for "shit"...people are fucked up...

  • rockybalboa August 11, 2005

    LOL Mandapanda! Scheisse! hahaha

  • thesku11s August 15, 2005

    That must be gurtmans licence.

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