The Slide Of Slides

I sooo wanna play on that thing! That looks like it would be a bad ass place to hand. You gotta understand, I’m a bug kid at heart!

  • tudogaiman August 9, 2005

    Fire Escape. Du-uh! ^^

    btw, why does all that is sick, wrong ore just weird always comes from Asia? (or germany..) :s

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  • big bull August 9, 2005

    Its the new Kiddie Escape Launch, in the Jap ghetto

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  • vanilla_cream August 9, 2005

    Fire escape? Makes sense. A co-worker and her husband went down a slide like this recently. Her husband got stuck. And no he's not a heffer, just big shoulders.

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  • trojen August 9, 2005

    daddy daycare teehee

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  • mandapanda06 August 9, 2005

    Hey i want one!!!....itd be better if it emptied into a pool...but thats alright

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  • kimmer August 10, 2005

    That would be kewl to have your apt. When your guest are drunk or pissing you off you could just thrown them down the slide!

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  • tumblin_dice August 10, 2005

    Hey tudogaiman- How do you know gurtman and whitedevil are from Asia? (or Germany..)

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  • orgasmic-bacon August 11, 2005

    oh man if i won the lottery i would so own this building in japan

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  • tookalook August 11, 2005

    I'd piss down it every morning and then take the stairs.

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  • rockybalboa August 11, 2005

    I like germany and their people too. The majourity of germans are organized and hardworking people (with excemptions of course). They also were about to kick the asses of the entire world during WW2. THANK GOD AMERICANS SAVED OUR ASSES FROM THE NAZI! BOW TO THE ALMIGHTY AMERICANS!

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  • phuchuebuddy November 26, 2008

    You're welcome

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