That's One Way To Flatten Your Gut

Here’s the story I got with this pic. If it’s true, I have no idea, and for that matter, I don’t care. Enjoy: This member of a LA gang, decided one day that he would try to car-jack a semi truck at gun point. The gangster jumped up on the driver side, while the truck was in motion, and stuck a gun in the drivers face. The only problem was that the truck driver opened up the door and knocked the attempted thief, off. He lost his balance and fell under the wheels of the truck. At which time the driver slammed on his brakes, resting on top of him.

  • de_stripper August 11, 2005


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  • big bull August 11, 2005

    Its fake, If the guy attacked the driver on the drivers side, how did he end up under the passenger side wheels. Notice the the mud flap in the first picture, thats the passenger side.

    Good fake anyway.

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  • skittletoes August 11, 2005

    nice sleuthing big bull. top notch. story may be fake but the pics look real enough

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  • tookalook August 11, 2005

    Also no tread marks on the torso, and where the fuck is this taken, looks like the truck is in the shop for repairs (concrete floor turns to pavement).

    If the creators of this pic would like the real thing, I would gladly park on that ugly fucktard for real.

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  • sl August 11, 2005

    Well something had to crush his chest in, the tire looked like it fit pretty damn well, and there does not have to be tred marks if you look at the first pic, his shirt is still on, it was cut away after they moved the truck, besides even if there was some tred marks, his body is to bruised to see.

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  • bbeens August 11, 2005

    He looks Dead as Fuck! But I still say fake! Why did they put a crushed diet coke can on his belly in the last picture?

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  • jonthecableguy August 11, 2005

    thought he could benchpress a peterbuilt?

    Truck WINS!!!

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  • tumblin_dice August 12, 2005

    Good catch Big Bull, I agree the details may be BS but think the pics are real. (Primarily due to bruising, caved in chest, teeth & general color/expression even though I wouldv'e thought his guts would be squished out.)

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  • andycz August 12, 2005

    i think this guy pissed off the wrong people and they lowered it on him. if the guy braked on him he would of been torn to bits

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  • moonchild69 August 12, 2005

    either way, that dude is dead for real, he is blue

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  • kimmer August 12, 2005

    you killem we grill em......roadside cafe!

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  • singerdog August 12, 2005

    Pix genuine, story not...full details on snopes 2 months ago...

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  • big bull August 13, 2005

    Singerdog got it, I never said the dude wasn't dead. But the story is full of holes, probably the dumbass just got runover!

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  • smartasscop August 14, 2005

    ok jay what happened to the e-mail you sent saying no way would you post this?

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  • ehs August 17, 2005

    God I hate that run down feeling

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  • spongemike August 25, 2005

    He stepped off of the curb with a can of diet coke in his hand and got tagged by the truck. There you go. Mystery solved. You can see the imprint of the tire treads in his gut. Right smartass?

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  • cushtush February 20, 2006

    Fake wer da fucks da guts nd stuff you'd think his head would explode cuz of the pressure anywyz still quite nasty luukin

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  • fox1974 August 12, 2006

    makes me smile. The only good gang member is a dead gang member. Hope he was a Raider fan.

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  • markzitch May 22, 2008

    Wake up mister. You can't park you rig there.

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  • salvatrucho February 12, 2010


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