Death Comes in Strange Ways

Maybe someone killed him because of his underwear. Or maybe it was a suicide.

  • trojen August 12, 2005

    never piss off a woman!!!

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  • kimmer August 12, 2005

    Wow, somebody REALLY didn't like him.

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  • msluvly0423 August 12, 2005


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  • tumblin_dice August 12, 2005

    Seems he had a splitting headache that was just killing him.

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  • tookalook August 12, 2005

    Another Wile E. Coyote moment.

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  • mandapanda06 August 12, 2005

    Sucks to be a prick...hell hath no fury like a woman time, keep it in your pants, buddy...oh that's right...there wont BE a next time

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  • bbeens August 12, 2005

    Hi this is Bob, I can't come to the phone right now cause I'm stuck in bed!!!!

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  • clmsn-fan-n-fl August 12, 2005

    He done got himself very very fuucked upp.

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  • archemedes_rex August 13, 2005

    Look at that poor wasted bottle of liquor at the bottom of the photo...

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  • frootyhooty August 13, 2005

    What a mess, do it in a hotel bathtub instead!

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  • vanilla_cream August 13, 2005

    His wife killed him, she was tired of him wearing her panties.

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  • bluntforce August 14, 2005

    i'll bet he don't hit his ol lady no more!

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  • smartasscop August 14, 2005

    iit looks like the killer put depends on him so he wouldn't mess up the sheets

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  • eweotter August 14, 2005

    Self piercing gone terribly wrong....?

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  • dice August 14, 2005


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  • sbarne8 August 16, 2005

    that why you do not play with sharp things in bed

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  • cardioprincess August 21, 2005

    It looks like revenge got the best of him.

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  • cryptokiller August 21, 2005

    He decided to give himself a penis extension and brain surgery at the same time.

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  • allengator August 22, 2005

    " Yea Sergeant, we're ruling it a suicide. Either that or someone saw those panties and we have to call it justifiable homicide."

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  • sexykandy694 August 28, 2005

    Damnit! my dad got to my moms boyfriend before i did!

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  • mobeast August 29, 2005

    avenage me!!!!!!!!!

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  • kazuma_t_s_b August 31, 2005

    thats my brother bf lol hey hes not gay the guy in the pic is

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  • davturn September 5, 2005

    it was me!!

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  • stoppedtostare October 15, 2005

    We moved into our new apartment,

    about three weeks ago.

    Then strange things started happening,

    we started finding holes.

    The first one that my wife found,

    was the most disturbing of them all.

    She was wiping her ass on the toilet,

    when she found one on the wall!

    At first she just dismissed it,

    as one more thing needing repaired.

    But then she found one in the shower,

    so she started getting scared.

    She asked me what I thought about it,

    and I said it all depends.

    So then I used my flashlight,

    and found a camera lens!

    That nasty god damned landlord,

    had been peeking in on my wife.

    I never felt so angry as,

    when I grabbed our butchers knife.

    With visions of slitting his throat,

    so vividly in my mind.

    I kicked in the crawl space door,

    and prepared for what I'd find!

    There was a t.v. and a v.c.r.,

    on the table near the door.

    But the thing that disgusted me the most,

    were the cum stains on the floor.

    I needed to find the video tapes,

    I knew they had to be there.

    It was had to continue with my search,

    with the smell of semen in the air!

    Just as I was about to leave,

    and find that nasty creature.

    I heard something moving,

    he was behind the water heater.

    There he was in the flesh,

    with his pants around his feet.

    Huddled in the corner hiding,

    with his hand still on his meat!

    He was shaking uncontrolably,

    the man was petrified.

    When I stabbed him in his stomach,

    I stared into his eyes.

    It was too late to turn back now,

    he was either dead or dying.

    So I said he threatend to take my life,

    and I stuck him while he was trying

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  • english666 May 19, 2009

    The wife found out he was fucking her brother.

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  • liveorpie October 5, 2009

    He must've done some bad shit for someone to do that to him!!

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  • kota_44 January 10, 2010

    obvious sucide

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