I Want One of These?

How fucking cool is this thing? Fuck me, you could tare some shit up in this bitch. I wonder what the gas mileage would be like in that?

  • pernicious2mil August 15, 2005

    OH MY GOD GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • clmsn-fan-n-fl August 15, 2005

    I say this type of truck built on tv once they said it would go most any where. i want one for traffic jams here in S Fl 2 hours in traffic not any more.....Hey Myrtle I see a trail through the swamp here......

  • smartasscop August 15, 2005

    ..but do they have them in 20" spinners?

  • jonthecableguy August 15, 2005

    DUDE!...THERES my car!

  • big bull August 15, 2005

    Snow more worries if you own that truck. Needs to be a CHEVY!!!

  • trojen August 16, 2005

    kick ass paint job!!! needs a lil more purple tho for me to drive it.

  • skittletoes August 16, 2005

    wild!!! id still rather have some seriously large tires though.

  • planetx August 16, 2005

    Fuck Ford

    Fast Only Rolling Downhill

    Fix Or Repair Daily

    Found On Road, Dead

  • monteone August 16, 2005

    FORD= for obvously retarted drivers,

    fucked over rebuilt dodge, fucked on race day and so on... CHEVY ALL THE WAY .

  • soadgirl678 August 16, 2005

    eh.. i think it sucks

  • xcrider45 August 17, 2005

    They're only for snow.

  • ehs August 17, 2005

    They are fun in snow and ice. There is one on Lake of the Woods in northern Minnesota only on a Suburban. The last time I checked these tracks out, they were about $2500.00 for each wheel

  • kimmer August 19, 2005

    Me likey!

  • naughty_samara August 20, 2005

    i got 1 monteone!...Found On Road Dead!!!!!!!!!I LIKE CHEVYS TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • spongemike August 25, 2005

    Fuckin' Old Redneck Dudes snowmobile.

  • kazuma_t_s_b August 31, 2005

    dude some machine guns and missle launchers and ill be happy(send me to iraq)

  • bigjohnd8400t September 9, 2005

    ah, the great and all powerful FORD, first on race day! chevy lovers eat shit and die!

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