Doggie Meets Porcupine Part 2

Back a few weeks ago, we had the first picture up of this dog that tried to attack a porcupine. Here's the other pic. Poor girl. I hope she fucked that porcupine.

  • tookalook August 16, 2005

    Pitbulls are so retarded!

  • mandapanda06 August 16, 2005

    That must've been one hell of a porcupine...I mean I know they're vicious and all, but that's hella fuckin needles in that poor dog's face...

  • moonchild69 August 16, 2005

    im still worried about the naked porcupine.... i wonder if that worlds ugliest dog sam is really the porqupine !!

  • vanilla_cream August 16, 2005

    I don't like these pictures. I don't want to see an animal suffer. I just put my 13 yr old Dobie/Mastiff down today. So this blows horse cocks.

  • clmsn-fan-n-fl August 16, 2005

    poor dog they hurt worse comeing out than going in...I feel for ya vanilla I hate to put a good dog down....a cat now thats a different story

  • smartasscop August 17, 2005

    I bet the vet loves this, he made another car payment

  • callmepit August 17, 2005

    Uhhh tookalook?....its a fuckin' Bull Terrier,not a PITBULL Uneducated assmonkeys like U are the real retards.

  • eweotter August 17, 2005

    a little anal-retentive there, aren't you callmepit?

  • moonchild69 August 17, 2005

    im sorry to hear that vanilla, your right, our pets are like our children so it hurts like hell when we loose them :{

  • rockybalboa August 17, 2005

    My sincere condolences vanilla, but don´t be sad. Just remember you are my native american sunflower that gives sunshine to my rainy day...

  • llamachick August 17, 2005


  • thesku11s August 18, 2005

    It must have been one dumb fuck of a dog to keep going back to get all those needles in the face. It deserves everything it gets.

  • vanilla_cream August 18, 2005

    Thanks guys

  • carolina_gal August 18, 2005

    Vanilla, I feel for ya girl. I would hate to have had to do that. But i have been there and done that and yes I feel for this dog dog gets in more shit than anything. Thank god nothing like that.

  • naughty_samara August 19, 2005

    and i guess ur the dog moonchild

  • kimmer August 19, 2005

    ouchie! poor pooch!

  • vanilla_cream August 20, 2005

    Samara, when they speak of the ugliest dog sam, they're not talking about you. Your by no means ugly or a dog. I believe it was a picture on another site.

  • naughty_samara August 20, 2005

    oooooh.....thanx vanilla....and im sorry moonchild ONLY if u didnt mean me.

  • moonchild69 August 22, 2005

    noo naughty lol, i was talking about that old dog that just won the championship for the ugliest dog for the 3rd time.. and man, he is UGLY lol !! he has no hair either, so he could be the naked porcupine... incognito lol :}

  • tookalook August 22, 2005

    Uhhh callmepit? Go fuck yourself!

  • spongemike August 25, 2005


  • gravityspy June 20, 2006

    poor dog thats sad

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