Look What I Found Part 2

Make Sure you see the first part of this series, here.

  • hotrae August 18, 2005

    so what is that where all their wepons of mass destruction are is buryed in the fucking sand ?????/?

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  • smartasscop August 18, 2005

    someone had to have snitched, too many miles of open sand to stumble on it

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  • fuzzhead777 August 18, 2005

    did they find osama?

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  • clmsn-fan-n-fl August 18, 2005

    they have a shitload of stuff buried in the sand, no one really knows how much and it wouldnt suprise me if they find a Russian made icbm buried there

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  • archemedes_rex August 18, 2005

    Isn't that an American-made F-15? Like from the early '80's?

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  • thesku11s August 19, 2005

    Hotrae, you poor dillusional media bitch.

    Iraq or Afghanistan does not have any, the only source of WMD's is the USA. From their earlier relationships with Saddam and the Taliban. If they had sold any to them they would know exactly what and when.

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  • mm123 August 19, 2005

    maybe we did sell them wmd's, hell the cia trained the taliban to fight against the soviets in the 80's under the idea that our enemies enemy is our friend, Iraq was Irans enemy and Iran has a nuke and chemical weapons program, maybe that is why we were sure that Iraq had wmd's

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  • mm123 August 19, 2005

    and if they buried them in the sand how exactly would we know where they were in the endless expanse of desert over there in hells ass crack, oops i mean iraq

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  • jenniferj29 August 19, 2005

    who the hell dug the holes to hide that shit?? Break out the shovel..... F*ck THAT JOB!!

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  • kimmer August 19, 2005

    well now what?

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  • thesku11s August 20, 2005

    Its a vicious cycle of authortarian delinquency.

    I would have liked to think britain was above it but a certain lapdog put an end to that.

    The CIA has a long history of supporting militant groups where it is believed to be valuable for U.S interests. In most cases this eventually leads to political instability in that area which provides the oppurtunity for the U.S to intervene once more in a War of economic or political gain.

    Some examples of this in recent years are the training of militant groups in Indonesia where a video was recovered published by the CIA entitled "How to torture women" as you can imagine it contained sexual degradation and mutilation techniques.

    They have also supported particular powerful Drug barons and their militias in columbia which are the major source of Cocaine for the USA. I cant remeber the exact details of the operation but I remember it had some connection with police corruption in LA. Im sure you can look it up.

    As we all aware, probably the most destructive and socially impactive of recent years, Afghanistan. As mm123 says, the U.S provided extensive support and training for the Taliban with the reasoning that anything anti Russian was great. I think this might have benefited from the fact that the bush goverment shared a special relationship with Osama Bin Laden through George Bush Jr. who worked closely with Osama's brother as business partner's in an OIL company. Just as this backfired (or beared fruit depending how you look at it) The U.S support of dangerous militant groups in overthrowing the Taliban is something which is bound to cause extended instabilty and death in the region.

    I could go on with Iraq and the world, but im sure you all know anyway.

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  • jhoward99 August 20, 2005

    It's actually a MiG-25 Foxbat, very popular in the 70's and 80's. Today, only smaller countries with limited budgets still fly them.

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  • spongemike August 25, 2005

    It's a Mig. Still good enough to blow your friggin ass to Allah. Get out the shopvac and find some wings.

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