Look What I Found Part 1

Wouldn’t you think that burying a plane might not make it work anymore? Like all that dirt and sand all in the engine parts and what not? But that’s a pretty good find.

  • hotrae August 18, 2005

    like what was someone just sitting there twirling thier fingers in the sand and hey look guys i found a plane lol

  • smartasscop August 18, 2005

    da plane, da plane!

  • thesku11s August 19, 2005

    I bet the guy who spent his summer burying it is pissed.

  • naughty_samara August 19, 2005

    i bet they used a metal detector to find it

  • big bull August 19, 2005

    Amazing what you find when installing a septic tank!

  • jenniferj29 August 19, 2005

    Kids in a candy store type find!!!

  • kimmer August 19, 2005

    The metal detector does work guys!

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